Disclosure Policy

As a conscious blogger passionate about ethical business, I believe in transparency, and in order to be transparent, I like to be upfront about some of the brands I promote.

Many brands on my blog and Instagram I simply come across and share completely on my own. However, some companies do reach out to be included on this blog and I accept payment for a few of the products and brands I share on SeashortiesMost often, it’s either in the form of affiliate links or sponsored posts.

An affiliate link is a specific URL where the affiliate (i.e. me) receives a small commission from what the reader buys on the company’s website. Affiliate links do not increase the price for you or affect your purchase in any way. As part of my commitment to transparency, I will always disclose when I use affiliate links in any posts that include them.

Sponsored posts are articles written with the financial support of a brand. All paid posts will have a disclaimer on them so that readers are aware of this. Keep in mind that I only share products and brands that I believe in, and that meet Seashorties standards for ethical production, sustainability, and aesthetics. I don’t accept all requests for sponsorships—I only work with responsible companies that I would otherwise share even without receiving payment.

No matter what, I only share brands and products aligned with the principles and mission of this blog, that I believe would be of interest to my readers.

I run this blog to share responsible brands and to share my journey towards living more sustainably and consciously. My goal is not to make a large income from this blog (I still have a day job!) This is a passion of mine, and the money made from the site goes back as an investment into the website.