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The Millennial Collection

January 11, 2017​​

"This collection was born of our desire to celebrate vibrant, multi-cultural millennials with a very strong collection that fits their lifestyle. This generation is tech savvy, values a work hard/play hard mentality yet strives for a better work-life balance than any other generation before them. Just as we explore our passions, embrace change and always strive for innovation, millennials are known for these same qualities. They are collaborative, desire transparency and embrace supporting our environment and each other."
- Mario Tricoci
Since their coming of age, millennials have been scrutinized for long-standing problems in society. What better way to celebrate this generation than by talking about the outstanding, future-forward millennials who are pioneering solutions to the climate change crisis. In this blog series, I will be featuring the greatest thinkers of our time, from founders and CEOs to engineers and fashion designers. No effort towards a better solution is unnoticed.

While Generation Z has entered into a time where climate change is exponentially worsening, millennials are setting the standards to encourage an entire generation of global thinkers, social entrepreneurs, and conscious consumers. I hope this series inspires these upcoming generations to take even larger strides towards achieving sustainability in a world that needs our gifts now more than ever. 
Coffee Shop Talk
January 22, 2017
"They can take your money, clothing, material items, but they can never take away your diploma" - Great Grandpa ​​
I love catching up with my friends over coffee. It occured to me that we discuss great books, talk about current events, or give them updates about my
work because I'm always doing something new. I've heard and told great stories of success, failure, and life overall.

This series is dedicated to the stories I tell on how creativity, and entrepreneurship have worked in my life, how I do it with intention, and what keeps me motivated. Just like how caffeine keeps you going, I hope this series gives you that extra push with whatever you decide to pursue!​