Between Me and You Bridal

“Over the past few years Between Me and You Bridal has created some gorgeous wedding dresses, however at the end of 2018 we were torn to justify our role in an industry that is continuously adding more waste and plastic to the environment. Unsure if we were going to keep our business going, it came down to a simple choice- accept it, leave it, or change it.

6 months later, we are ready to announce the relaunch of our brand, along with our first new collection.
Focusing on being more environmentally friendly and embracing slow fashion, our new range will not be wholesaled or mass produced, as we intend to uphold the standards of quality over quantity. The relaunch of our online shop will be made-to-order, and produced using only Natural and Recycled Materials, with everything handmade in our studio on the Sunshine Coast.”

We are so excited to see Between Me and You Bridal make the switch to sustainability. It’s difficult to transform your business model to reflect this change due to the system of sustainability being so entirely different, but we applaud the brand for their pivot!

Between Me and You Bridal is inspired by two women’s passion for entrepreneurship. Meaghan and Kayla are twin sisters, both studied to become qualified fashion designers. They originally opened their first clothing business in 2013. Over the years, they gained knowledge and decided to transfer into bridal wear. By the end of 2018, they could no longer justify making a dress out of synthetic materials that would probably only be worn once, so they decided to make the change towards sustainability.

All gowns are made in house on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. They do not use any synthetic materials, even down to the thread closures. Their packaging is plastic-free, and all scraps are reused and recycled.

Six gowns are featured in the new Sol collection. It was the materials that inspired the Sol collection: they re-discovered the natural beauty of linen, hemp and traditional handmade cotton lace. They use rustic textures and naturally coloured materials throughout their designs.
Between Me and You Bridal puts an emphasis on working with the right fabric suppliers. Instead of polyester and synthetics, they only use natural and recycled materials for their gowns.

They use:
Cotton: they source certified organic cotton lace from Germany
Hemp: from the Cannabis sativa plant species
Tencel: sustainable fibre made from eucalyptus trees.
Linen: derived from the flax plant. One of the most biodegradable fabrics
Silk: a protein fibre made by the larvae of insects
RPET (Recycled Polyester from PET bottles): fully recyclable polyester made from 100% PET water bottles. Recycling of PET conserves resources thus lowering the emission of greenhouse gas emissions, PET is the most recycled material in the world.

Their gowns will only be available through their website and will not be wholesaled or mass produced. But will be made-to-order, meaning they are specifically made for the buyer. The finished gown takes 12-24 weeks to complete. They do have a longer processing time because they do not stock bulk rolls of textiles fabrics in order to reduce waste.

Between Me and You is all about feeling “beautiful, empowered and- above all- naturally and 100% you.” Thank you Kayla for telling me all about your beautiful brand. Be sure to checkout their website and Instagram!

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