Emily here! Just a human being striving to live a more conscious life.

After growing up along Lake Michigan and spending countless hours at the lakefront, I developed a profound appreciation for nature. During one of these moments by the shore, my biggest realization came; nothing else will matter after environmental destruction because there will nothing left to appreciate or build upon. I am committed to restoring the beauty of the oceans for our future generations, and I live this out through my everyday fashion, food, and lifestyle choices.

Being conscious require high levels of awareness, and recreating a life well lived brings me to support others with their journey. Rooted in Christian principles, guided by my studies in ethical business, and motivated by my passion for humanity, I believe it is possible to restore what was once ours, starting with our own health and habits, then bringing it out to the worldwide community.

Sustainable living is both achievable and fulfilling, and twice a month, I’ll be sharing my favorite sustainable styles and how I live it up intentionally. I hope you will join me on this enriching journey towards stewarding the planet well, and creating a life, no matter the tide, that brings depth, joy, and satisfaction.

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